Many of the promises they tell you at the presentation are not true. I purchased my timeshare in 2008 and to this date I have not been able to book a vacation with them.

My interest at the time was the ability to book reservations in Brazil. I was told they have multiple accommodations there, but when I tried to book one there was nothing available at the time I needed it. I even looked at a week before and after with the same result.

It appears that this is a common occurrence because when I tried to book a week in Orlando I ran into the same problem. It was interesting that when I was signing the paperwork one of the managers said that I was making a good investment and that he had purchased and vacationed at Bonnet Creek for a couple of years. I was never told that I would have to book so long in advance or that I would need more points than I had to get results as described below.

I went to another presentation a couple of years after my purchase to see what the problem was. When I spoke with a Wyndham rep, she informed me that the reason I was having difficulty was that I did not have enough points. I have 154,000 points per year with my purchase, and people with three times the amount of point have difficulty booking reservations, just another scam to get you to spend more money and get no results. In addition, I was told that I would have to book my reservation 13 months in advance. Who knows what they will be doing in 13 months? I almost jumped over the table when I heard this.

I’m afraid that Wyndham is only interested in selling units and not in the business of customer service. I have spoken with Wyndham reps a number of times and expressed my displeasure with the inability to get reservations. They always promise to look into the problem and get back to you, but it never happens. It’s ironic that when you call them, their recording says that the phone call is being recorded for training purposes and should be documented in your file, but when you call back, after not receiving the promised call or you have another problem, they never seem to have the previous call information in their file. I guess ignorance is bliss.

To sum it up, it appears that Wyndham lies and takes advantage of most of their customers, clients, and timeshare owners.

New Jersey