We were heavily pressured into signing a contract for a timeshare with *****. We are requesting to CANCEL our membership entirely.
***** ******** and I attended a timeshare presentation in January and were heavily pressured into purchasing a timeshare. We were invited to this presentation that started in the evening and ended late with us being pressured by sales and other representatives to sign contracts and that we are investing in a great opportunity. However, since this went on past 10 p.m. We feel the paperwork was pressed onto us and gone over QUICKLY with a lot of information left out. They just had us sign various documents without fully being informed. We have recently been informed of various complaints with this company and feel we are being victimized with their fraudulent practices. As soon as we left the presentation and tried following up with our sales rep and anyone with the company, we have not had return calls. There is no answer; we go directly through to voice mail and feel we are being completely ignored and this company is taking us and MANY others for their money by abiding us to a contract and we have nothing to show for it. We were made promises of free incentives that have turned out to be extremely costly and have found substantial support of negative reviews and lawsuits against this company. We do at this point not want to commit to this mistake of joining this horrific company and it’s fraudulent acts against the public and us any more. Any help that can be offered would be a HUGE relief.

-Phyllis M.
Jersey City, NJ