We bought a timeshare while we were in ******* in 2013 for Club Wyndham. The saleswoman was oh so sweet and nice except for all the lies she told us to make the sale. First, that we would be able to use our points the beginning of the next year. Then she lied when she said we would be able to go to Europe the next year and to any timeshare in America every other year! But we do not have enough points to go to either EVER! Then the very nice ******* whom helped us sign all of the paperwork and worked at this job for many years told us that if we ever wanted to sell our timeshare that they would help and it is the most wanted in the world. I have emailed and phoned these ladies with no answer from either. We feel like we have been lied to and taken for the money. We have never bought a timeshare before and the crooks outside selling you these are not the only crooks. They will not do anything for us.

-Lisa ****
Aurora, CO