We feel we have been “scammed” by ******* and our credit is in the process of being ruined.
In May 2013 we were contacted by ******** ***** and also met with ******* **** who informed us that our portfolio with ******* was not being properly managed and they would help us with this. A fast high-pitched “sales talk” ensued. The price increased after they “helped” us. We were given a calendar and were told ***** would contact us on several different dates and he would show us how the several loans we apparently signed for would consolidate into one with no interest assessed. ***** has NEVER called us. Keep in mind these fast-talking “sales persons” make the deal sound so good and easy and you are getting a great deal, but you DONT own anything. This all sounded so confusing, but we were assured “it would be fine, it will work and they would be there all the way to assist us”. This has NEVER happened. I told my husband it was a scam and to let it go, despite knowing it would ruin our great credit. We both signed the documents but apparently the loans are in my name only, which is strange as I haven’t worked in 5 years, but that’s okay. We recently received a “Bill Me Later” bill interest had incurred and apparently the $15,000 bill was now $17,109.02. My husband proceeded to contact ******* and spoke to several people and leaving messages for ***** and ****. The next day **** contacted my husband and promised to gather our information/portfolio and call us on January 8, 2014 at 1630 hours. Again, this NEVER happened. At 1700 hours we made numerous calls to ****/***** to no avail. We again spoke to several people at ******* and finally filed a complaint with ******* corporate office. That has been 10 days ago and we have yet to hear anything. We were also given a Rewards Visa card, again in my name only. We didn’t fully understand what this was for. It apparently initially was for $12,500, the line was increased to $15,000 and then $16,200. Wyndham is billing charges over $400 to this account every month. The amount charged against this card at this time is over $5,000. I contacted the credit card company to cancel it and was told I couldn’t as I had authorized ******* to make these charges. I told them no further monies would be paid to this account. So I guess ******* can charge this card up to $16,200 and the credit card company would not get their money. I have NEVER made a payment on any of these companies, my husband has. I again today called the credit card company and have them notate on the account that no further funds would be remitted to them. My husband attempted to obtain a loan to pay it off but of course couldn’t secure one as he doesn’t have any collateral. After all you don’t “own” anything just the air. As far as I am concerned we will “let it go” whatever it is we have to let go. Our initially “purchase” in January 2012 was apparently discounted as the previous “owner” realized it was a scam and “let it go” After doing some research (I use to be a research analyst for a large mortgage company) I wasn’t surprised to see “thousands” of complaints against ******* for such scams. We feel we have been scammed, lied to, taken advantage of, misguided. They just wanted to make a big sale and never intended to “assist us”. We have paid thousands of dollars into this “purchase” and we would like this “purchase” to be cancelled. I realize my credit will probably be ruined by this, but if it has to be, so be it. At my age I am not about to purchase a home, car or anything else. We would appreciate any assistance in this matter.

-Lisa G.
Allentown, PA