When I initially bought timeshare in *******, the salesman made it sound very appealing. I was told it would be like owning my vacation and that I could use it whenever I wanted. First time I used it, they said I was not using it correctly and that I needed more points to go anywhere I wanted. Sounds great, except they didn’t tell me my maintenance fees would double! When I called to complain, the salesman never answered his phone. The next time I went down there, I was told I could fix this issue by going into their Club Wyndham program. I said I didn’t want to pay anything else and just wanted them to fix my issues. After 3 hours of sitting in that meeting, they got me to buy into the program and once again I was stuck paying more money and still couldn’t get to vacation at the places I wanted to go.

I don’t know how they got me to keep doing this! They just keep pressuring you until you finally say yes. The last time I bought was 2 years ago. I said I wanted to get out, they told me they’d buy it back, but I had to buy MORE points for them to do it. That made no sense to me so I argued but they said they were doing me a favor and if I didn’t accept their offer that day, they wouldn’t offer it again. Yet another lie! I read the contract and it says they don’t even HAVE to buy it back!

Now I have over 500k points and I owe more money than I can afford, but they don’t care. All they care about is making money and making people like me unable to live because of all the money I have to pay them. I get sick to my stomach every time I think about it. They are the worst kind of people!! I would love to get out of this thing and gets some help!

-Kyle ********
Allentown, PA