We own a timeshare with *******.We traded our first timeshare with 0 balance for the new property with fees that were unbelievable. We were pressured into a meeting enticing us with a $100.00 gift card. We said no but they kept pushing us, telling us that we missed out on all the new deals and how we could leave the property to our children and to reduce our maintenance fees. What drew us in was the fact that I could make money on renting out my time to pay off my mortgage and pay off my taxes and maintenance fees. The sales reps do not leave you alone until you sit for a meeting with them then it is all high pressure to upgrade and don’t let you out until you do so. We were told that by purchasing the upgrade today we could leave it as a trust to our children. Our sales rep *** told us that we could donate points to a church and to another member if we did this would get us $5000.00 credit on our taxes. He promised unrealistic use of a Reward Card that we had no idea that we even signed up for. I was promised *** but when we called the corporate office I was told we don’t own *** however, I have it in writing. Our maintenance fees have more than doubled over $500.00 per month. There is no renting my weeks out. We found out that we have a fractional contract. This means we only own a portion of our weeks. I still don’t understand this. We were told at anytime we could sell our timeshare that they would buy it back. They do not offer this either. If we purchased platinum card they we would be able to get out of our contract. My wife *** and I want out of our contract and our money back. We cannot afford to keep handing ******* over our government check when all they have done is lie to us. I’m paying for a Fractional time-share? We really feel we have been victim of a scam.

-Ken T.
Valdosta, GA