We want nothing to do with *******. Our complaint is not being taken seriously. No one will read it and cancel our contract. This needs to be done. We are in need of your help as our complaint is falling on deaf ears. We have been ******* owners for a long time. We have enjoyed many vacations throughout the years but in recent years they have pressured and lied to us to get us to purchase more points that we did not need. We had hired an attorney in 2013 and he did nothing to help us but write a short letter. He obviously did not know anything about timeshare and what was needed to bring forward our complaint. They responded with a denial and a letter with examples of some of the programs that they offer. That letter was some type of form letter because it had a different name in the body of the letter. (Mr. and Mrs. *******) So, that to me, shows that there was really not much thought put into a response for us. Quite disrespectful in my opinion. We later sat down and wrote our own letter explaining the problems that we had at the sales presentations. The sales people are very dishonest people and should not be doing this to owners. That letter was sent in February. The letter was signed for on February 24th and they sent a denial letter to us on February 27th. 3 DAYS!!!! NOTHING! Did anyone even read the letter? It took us a long time to put our thoughts on paper. And that letter was not even signed by someone. Just “Owner Care”. They stated in the letter that Consumer Affairs did not find a breach in contract. Of course not! What the sales representatives said to us at the table is not going to be written anywhere is the contracts. This treatment is just not fair. Throughout the years we have paid on time and with no problems. Now we ask for help and I am just floored that ******* does not have the decency to read over our letter and do some research or something. A 3 day turn around is a slap in the face. Obviously, Owner care treats the ******* owners the same as the slimy sales people do. We have had it. The last letter we wrote to ******* was in March asking someone to read over our letter and we never heard from them.
Our letter included examples of sales pitches that were used to get us to buy:
45 minute presentation that ends up to be 5 hours. We were told that we were going to lose VIP. We missed a letter or offer. Offer good only for that day. Special help from a coordinator that we never heard form. Move to Access because the maintenance fees don’t go up. We had to buy more points to put our daughter on the contract. When we were asked to put the three reasons down for why we purchased, we were coached on what to write. Each sales person made us feel that they were making a bad situation good. When in fact there was no bad situation.
So you see, we have paid them a lot of money over the years, and then to be treated as such just makes our blood boil. Why are we being treated in such a manner? We are good, hard working people and need this taken care of.
We want to cancel our ownership because: We don’t want to associate with this company anymore. Because of our monthly payment we can’t even travel anymore. No accommodations available at the resorts that we pick. Frustrating trying to find a resort where we would like to go. But the main reason is of the brush off. Simple as that. They did not even try to help us and that shows poor character. We want refunds on monies paid. We have been naive and gullible, and made some very bad decisions. There are only two of us now and don’t need the privacy of separate rooms. We don’t want to cook when we go on vacation. We don’t stay a full week when we travel, only 2-3 nights (that is only what we can afford now). So we can procure nice motel rooms for much less than our ******* ownership is costing us! We simply do not want to be burdened without timeshare. We were pressured to make unwise purchases and we can no longer afford the mortgage, maintenance fees, and assessment fees. We want out. They are a dishonest company.
-Ed E.
Murfreesboro, TN