Salespeople will use everything in the book to sell you a timeshare that will end up costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. Timeshare cancellation can be a nightmare and feel overwhelming without the right help. Here are top three myths about timeshares:

  • Timeshares Are A Smart Investment
    • Timeshares are not an investment option because reselling the property at a profit is very rare. Not to mention the value of the property depreciates with time, and some timeshare property locations also run the risk of experiencing natural disasters.
  • Timeshares Are For All Regular Vacationers
    • Of course, it is true that an occasional break to one of your favorite destinations is a good way to unwind from the daily grind, but over time people change and so do their lifestyles. A timeshare locks you down to one location and is most likely the reason for most cancellation requests.
  • Renting The Timeshare Is A Good Source Of Income
    • Renting the timeshare is not as easy as the salesperson promised. People who invest in a timeshare usually try to make extra income by renting it and end up disappointed due to lack of demand for the property.

If you have taken the plunge and are currently in an unwanted timeshare contract, we can help. Don’t let your timeshare keep you up at night. We started the timeshare cancellation industry and have never lost a case. With results like that you cannot afford to ignore our free consultation. Call Wesley Financial Group today.