America was built on freedom and an open market. Unfortunately, some entities will make the most of these two qualities by seeking to take advantage of people in need. This can be said for consumers wishing to cancel their timeshare contract. High-pressure sales tactics and expedited approaches can make it difficult for many of us to avoid purchasing a costly timeshare, especially if it is sold under false pretenses. The Wesley Financial Group is here to help get you with top-notch timeshare cancellation services. Since 1989, our consumer rights group has worked to help individuals with timeshare exits and debt elimination to help them regain their freedom. We hold a 100-percent success rate when it comes to cancelling timeshare contracts. Be sure to contact us today if you are dealing with a costly timeshare!

One scam that has brought renewed focus to the industry is timeshare resale fraud. Oftentimes, companies with murky intentions will reach out to timeshare owners with a promise of selling their timeshare fast, asking for a nominal fee up front. Today, we’ll continue to look into timeshare resale scams and the warning signs. If you want to know how to cancel a timeshare contract, be sure to reach out to our experts today!

Asking for Information

The first clue that something is amiss should come from the lack of credibility presented by your resale expert. A few of the following signs and approaches will help to avoid being set up for a very unethical scam:

  • No paper trail. Scams often rely on telecommunications and email to start the transaction. If you are contacted, be sure to ask for written documents that cover the rules, regulations, and mission of the company.
  • Undisclosed location. Resale programs are often based in different states with little to no personal information of your neighborhood. It can help to ask about the location of this business and all of the states it serves.
  • Unreasonable commissions. Individuals who find success from selling their timeshare often learn that a large share will go to the agency who helped. Be sure to ask up front about their pricing and services, from escrow and advertising to closing.
  • Advance fees. The biggest flag for many consumers should be the charging of advance fees for future services. This represents the best chance to gain profit without providing any real work.
  • Lack of real estate licensing. If a company is offering to sell your property, they should hold a real estate license. When on the phone, be sure to inquire about the license information and check with your licensing board for confirmation.
  • Uncovering complaints. While this may not directly include the resale company reaching out to you, it can prove helpful to look online or contact the Better Business Bureau to find reviews, complaints, and possible suits filed against the company.

Timeshares can often rely on unethical practices for pressuring consumers into buying without considering all of their options. Later on, these resale scams work to capitalize on people’s eagerness to be rid of their pesky timeshare obligations. The Wesley Financial Group is your go-to source for timeshare cancellations, as our team of experts have worked hard for decades to optimize our timeshare cancellation program for individuals who were misled into costly, unwanted purchasing plans. Contact us today to see what we can do for your case!