Timeshares are one of the top sellers in the travel industry. Thousands are available and millions of people “own” them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that timeshares are a good idea. Timeshares are generally marketed to and sold to people who cannot afford them in the first place. If you think you can afford it, you can’t. Even if you can afford it, you are better off throwing your money right into the trash. The average cost of a timeshare in the United States is $14,500. If you were to put that money in a mutual fund averaging 12% over 10 years, you would have almost $48,000 in the bank. In 20 years, you would have over $178,000!  If you have gotten roped into one of these contracts and are desperately looking for timeshare cancellation, Wesley Financial Group can help.

Throwing money at a timeshare is not an investment and will not generate more income for you. An investment implies that you can eventually sell it and make money. If you’ve already taken the plunge, you are not alone in your battle. We specialize in complete timeshare cancellation and timeshare debt elimination for individuals and families who have experienced fraud, misrepresentation and lies during sales presentations. We have a 100% success rate and work hard to give you the freedom you deserve from the chains of unethical contracts. We have never lost a case and will fight for every penny you have spent to be returned to you. Call us today for a free consultation.