If your timeshare is keeping you up at night, then you’ve came to the right place. Wesley Financial helps thousands with timeshare cancellations and we want you to now that you’re not alone. We’re waiting to help you get out of your timeshare as we have the best record of success in the timeshare advocacy business. Without an affiliation with any timeshare companies, we’re able to give you the straightforward, plain truth. What is that truth? For over 95% of people out there, buying or owning timeshare is a terrible investment and financial move.

What is the timeshare trap? Many of you may have already found yourself in this Catch-22 situation where, as a timeshare owner, you’ve decided that you want to share your timeshare. Even after you’ve paid thousands and thousands of dollars into your timeshare investment, most people realize that they can’t even give the timeshare away because of the high cost of maintenance fees. Unfortunately maintenance fees are even higher than what it would cost you to rent the exact same timeshare house in an open market.

Most find that within the timeshare trap, their timeshare resorts won’t even accept the timeshare back as they’d rather pay yearly maintenance fees instead of owning the actual unit. This timeshare trap makes owners feel as if they have no other chance but to keep the timeshare as they can’t see a method to get out of it.

Thankfully you’ve found Wesley Financial. We can help you with all of your timeshare cancellation! Call us today!