There are many ways and reasons that people buy a timeshare. They may have received a flyer in the mail, or were offered a “free stay” at a hotel if they sat through a presentation. They go in thinking it’s a good deal, and are not aware that there are many hidden things that accompany a timeshare presentation and the subsequent contract. A timeshare salesman approaches with this deal that seems to good to be true, and they sign on the dotted line. Once the realization sets in that they’ve signed a contract that they seemingly can’t get out of, they’re unsure where to turn. Timeshare salesmen will pretty much tell you anything to complete a sale, but even if you’ve signed, Wesley Financial Group can help you get out of your contract.

The timeshare industry has been around for many years, and unfortunately, many people believe the pitches and sales lines that they hear. The truth of the matter is, you’re never getting the deal you think you are. You may be told that your timeshare can be sold or rented if you no longer want it, but that’s rarely the case, if ever. If a majority of people are trying to sell or rent their timeshare, how can there be any buyers?

It’s also possible that the salesman told you that your timeshare would gain value. Sadly, this isn’t the case, and even though you’ve invested your money, you won’t see a good return on investment. Fees and other contract obligations keep people locked into timeshares for years, and since the property doesn’t gain in value, they’re essentially losing money over time. This is why you may see timeshares online for very, very low prices, because the owner is willing to do anything to get rid of it!

If you’ve tried to visit your timeshare for vacation, you’ve probably found that booking the dates you want are nearly impossible. The hotel or resort will rent out the space year-round, so when you want it, it’s not available. You might think you’ll get lucky and a week or weekend will open up, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often. It may turn out that you never use the property while you own it!

What should be encouraging is that there is a way out of your timeshare contract. If you’ve been sold through deceptive sales lines or coerced into signing a contract through a flashy presentation, contact us immediately. Our experts can get you out of the burden of your timeshare. We have a 100% success rate and will fight for your rights and peace of mind. Wesley Financial Group was founded by the pioneer of the timeshare cancellation business, and that means we know how to successfully cancel your timeshare contract. You don’t have to feel stuck or like there’s no hope. We’ll work tirelessly to help however we can. We look forward to hearing from you!