Timeshares can be extremely alluring, especially in the sales meeting. But we know that down the road, they can become an unwanted burden. If you are stuck with a timeshare, we can help you get out. Here are some tips to avoid them in the first place.

Avoid the Presentation

The easiest way to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a timeshare is to avoid the sales pitch in the first place. If you are offered a spot on a timeshare presentation, turn it down. Getting a free room for your attendance at a short meeting might seem like a great deal at first. But it never turns out that way. The best thing to do is politely decline, and plan your own vacation where you won’t have to deal with pushy and persuasive salespeople all weekend.

Learn to Say No

So, you’ve been roped into a timeshare meeting after all. Be prepared for extravagant claims, deals that sound too good to be true (they are), and a false sense of urgency coupled with a high pressure sales pitch. Sounds fun, right? Here’s the thing: no matter how pushy they are, you can (and should) say no. It may be hard to do, but developing the ability to give a hard “no” is essential to avoiding making a purchase that you will regret down the road.

Leave the Meeting

Most timeshare salespeople will promise you that their presentation is a certain length of time, like 30 minutes, for example. Make sure to hold them to this time. Here is a good tip: when you enter the meeting, set a timer on your watch or on your phone for five minutes before the promised end time. When it goes off, announce your intentions to leave in five minutes. They may try to make you stay, threatening that you’ll miss out on your free gift, or transportation back to your room. These are small prices to pay for avoiding more time in that meeting, where you’ll be more and more likely to succumb to the pressure.

Don’t Sign Anything

No matter what, do not sign anything they put in front of you. Even in the event that you are interested in the timeshare, do not sign while you are in the meeting. Ask to take a copy of the agreement home with you to be reviewed by your attorney. If they turn this request down, be glad you avoided dealing with shady business people. If they allow it, you’ll be able to have it reviewed by an expert, and can decide if it is right for you outside the pressure of the sales meeting.

Don’t Share Your Personal Info

This one is the key to ensuring that these people do not continue to harass you after you leave. Do not give them your cell phone number, your work information, or your main email address. Doing so is an open invitation for them to constantly call and email you to reconsider. Avoid this hassle by giving them as little information as possible.

Hopefully, these tips help you avoid getting trapped in a timeshare you don’t want. Do you need help with a timeshare cancellation? We are the experts. Call us today to learn more.