There are many people who can assure you that timeshares are bad investment, but there are still those that end up signing that contract. If you have fallen victim to a timeshare scam, call Wesley Financial Group right away to help you with your timeshare cancellation. There are many reasons why you should never consider timeshares as an investment.

The first reason is the time value of money. It’s often assumed that money today is better than the same amount tomorrow, or any other time in the future. With timeshares, you pay a large sum of money up front for something you might use in the future. Unfortunately, that large amount may end up costing you more than you initially thought. On top of the upfront payment, every timeshare has maintenance fees, and this means that regardless of whether or not you actually visit the property, you have to pay the fees. Another unfortunate truth is that this maintenance fee goes up every year.

The next reason is the fact that there are so many vacant timeshare units that they generally end up going for much less than the original asking prices. This is not something that the salesperson will tell you during their presentation. Why would they?

Another reason is the idea of timeshare exchanges. Vacation is a time when you should be able to relax and not think about your job or anything that causes stress in your life. Being tied to one property each year cad add stress, and timeshare salespeople know that it does, so they push the idea of exchanging your properties so that you can travel to other locations. This will end up costing you more money because it means an annual membership fee and a fee each time you exchange.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC will show you proven results of past cases. We have a team with the best record of success in the timeshare advocacy business. Let us get rid of your timeshare the right way!