If you’ve bought a timeshare, chances are that you’re unhappy with your purchase and stressed about the exorbitant fees that you’re required to pay to maintain it. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between what you thought the timeshare would cost and what the actual bills end up being. If you want to get out of your timeshare and are interested in a timeshare cancellation, look no further than Wesley Financial Group. We can help you get out of that timeshare contract and give you advice about your timeshare cancellation. Call now!

Purchase and Maintenance Fees

You’re required to pay for both the initial purchase and the monthly fees. These costs can end up being hundreds of dollars that you’re required to pay each month. Of course, these fees aren’t always explicitly detailed in the contract, so it’s easy to be blindsided.

Closing Costs

Much like purchasing a home, you’ll also be required to foot the closing costs as well. This can vary widely and include everything from preparation fees to outstanding taxes that the previous owner had failed to pay.

With all of these hidden costs, a timeshare can quickly go from being a respite for relaxation to a source of intense stress. If you’re ready to cancel your timeshare, contact Wesley Financial Group now! We’re here to help you!