If you find yourself in a timeshare sales meeting, you may start to think that it sounds like an unbelievable deal. You are right to be skeptical because owning a timeshare comes with many hidden costs. Here, we look at a few of them.

Yearly fees

Once you purchase your timeshare, you are still on the hook for the yearly maintenance fee. This is supposed to cover routine maintenance. Sounds great, right? You pay a small yearly fee, and the property is properly maintained year round. The only problem is that these fees are not the same year to year, and they are always on the rise. They may not cover certain repairs, which you’ll have to pay extra for.

Utility fees

You might think that since you pay a yearly maintenance fee, your utilities will be covered for the week that you stay at your timeshare. The truth is, you are likely to be billed for all utilities used during your stay. Running the A/C all day long is going to make your vacation much more expensive than you might imagine.

Exchange group membership

One popular selling point that many timeshares salespeople will use to close the deal is the opportunity to trade your timeshare for a stay at a different timeshare location. What they don’t mention is that to take advantage of this opportunity, you must sign up for a yearly membership with a timeshare exchange company.

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