Although timeshares can serve as money saving investments for frequent travelers, they may prove to be costly if you don’t know how to detect a scam. Approximately eight million Americans own timeshares, making the thriving industry prime for con artists. Companies lure potential customers with gifts and free stays at a timeshare in exchange for the client agreeing to simply sit through a timeshare presentation, but problems may arise once you agree to buy the property. Timeshare scams range from hidden booking or maintenance fees to more extreme cases such as companies suddenly going out of business once they secure your deposit, leaving you without a timeshare. If you have fallen victim to this industry and are seeking help with your timeshare cancellation, Wesley Financial Group is here to help.


You are not alone in your battle. The team members in our cancellation and resolution departments have successfully eliminated millions of dollars in timeshare debt for people just like you. We have decades of experience in the timeshare and timeshare cancellation industries. Wesley Financial Group, LLC can assure success for every single case we accept. If you have been making monthly payments to your timeshare and you feel that you have been mislead into upgrading while you were trying to enjoy a vacation, there is a chance to never have to make a payment again and possibly have your money returned to you. Our doors are always open so give us a call or stop by the office for a consultation.