At Wesley Financial, we specialize in timeshare cancellation. Even if you’ve owned your timeshare for a while, we can help you escape that binding contract and save you money down the line. While many of our clients are fully aware of the cons of timeshare ownership, more and more people continue to buy them, falling into the trap of timeshare ownership. What are the main selling points timeshare resorts use to convince you to buy into the agreements?

Saving Money
This is the main point many timeshare resorts convey during their sales pitch, and on the surface, it does appear to be true. Many timeshares come with a fully equipped kitchen, giving owners the opportunity to cook at their unit rather than spending money out at restaurants. Furthermore, many salesmen work to convey that timeshares save you on hotel bills. Now, if you’re the type of person who prefers staying in a five-star resort, this may be true, but if you’re the common bargain hunter, timeshare payments will cost you far more than a hotel ever would, especially if you only use the timeshare once a year.

Guaranteed Lodging
With a timeshare, you are guaranteed a specific date each year that you can use the timeshare. That said, changing the date you wish to use the timeshare can be difficult and comes with no guarantee that the other timeshare owners will accommodate your needs.

If you like to travel to the same place year after year, a timeshare offers you a home base. You’ll never have to worry about hotel hopping or disappointing lodgings. You know where you’ll be staying, the exact amenities you can look forward to, and the type of maintenance your property undergoes each year. However, when you own a timeshare, you’re locked into that one place, and unless you can afford to take multiple vacations throughout the year, it can be difficult to see new places.

If you’ve signed a timeshare contract and are no longer sure it’s a good investment, call Wesley Financial today. Our experts can help you with the timeshare cancellation process so you can start saving your money.