When you’ve decided to cancel your timeshare, you may think it will be cheaper to do on your own. However, hiring a timeshare attorney could actually save you money in the long run. The corporation who sold you the timeshare likely has a team of lawyers on their side who are knowledgeable and experienced at fighting cancellations; they are going to make it as difficult as possible for you to cancel. You could spend a fortune fighting them and still not get the cancellation that you want. Hiring an experienced timeshare attorney can expedite the process and help you avoid unnecessary (and costly) delays.

Moreover, hiring an attorney can put a stop to the expensive timeshare payments you are making. These payments are likely a burden on your monthly budget to begin with, and dragging out the process can mean you end up making more of those payments than you should. A timeshare attorney can help you stop those payments sooner, which keeps that money in the bank where it belongs. Plus, timeshare law can be complex; you could spend hours researching information about how to fight your contract, which is time you could be spending with your family or at work.

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