Timeshare salesmen have a reputation for being the lowest of the low in the sales world. While the products they share are dubious in nature, their sales pitches are specifically designed to hide the truth from their audience. If you ever find yourself sitting before a timeshare pitch, watch for these tricks the salesman uses to close the sale and lock you into a contract you otherwise would have never fallen for.


The Improv

Timeshare salesmen are coached on what to say regarding their product, depending on what the company wants to focus on. However, as long as they touch on the designated topics, they’re free to improvise based on how the audience is responding. This lets them tailor their pitch to each individual group. Keep in mind, the pitch will follow the general format of small talk, introduction to the product, and definition of terms before culminating in the final sign-up pitch.

Questionable Math

Timeshare sales people love to focus on inflation to get you to sign up for the timeshare. They almost always compare the cost of the timeshare to the cost of a hotel room, factoring in economic inflation at exaggerated rates. These salesmen focus on the shock value when trying to convince the audience to sign up. Obviously, these tactics make the timeshare seem like a much better deal than it really is. Listen for any math that doesn’t make sense and steer clear of the deal.


Don’t Fall for It

While we’re the first to admit that timeshares do work for some people, the actual number of people who benefit from these arrangements are few and far between. Most people who sign up for timeshares are likely to regret the decision, finding themselves buried with extra fees and unnecessary monthly payments on top of other bills.

If you do find yourself regretting your timeshare purchase, the experts at Wesley Financial Group can help you get out of your timeshare agreement. While timeshare companies make the process sound difficult, we make getting out of your timeshare an easy process. Call us today.