When you purchase a timeshare, chances are you saw a document that was called something like “Notice of Mutual Right of Cancellation” or something similar but didn’t pay much attention to it. If you are now having second thoughts about your timeshare, this document is going to become very important. It states how long you have to get out of a timeshare purchase in that state. The law varies from state to state, ranging from 3 days to 15 days, so no matter where you are at you won’t have much time to act; it does mean cancelling your timeshare is possible, though.

That’s good news for consumers who are having second doubts about their purchase or feel they were pressured into making a purchase that they didn’t really want. If you want to cancel your timeshare purchase, here are three things you’ll want to do immediately:

  1. Gather your paperwork. Get everything together from your timeshare purchase, including contracts and information that you were given.
  2. Identify the rescission period. This is the period of time that you have to change your mind about the sale in the state where you made the purchase.
  3. Contact a lawyer. While it’s possible to get out of a timeshare on your own, the company you are fighting isn’t going to make it easy. Having a professional timeshare attorney on your side can make the process much smoother and end with a more favorable outcome.

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