For many people, the idea of owning a timeshare may sound very beneficial for providing a taste of the better life, especially when timeshare agents are there to explain each and every positive attribute in great detail. Oftentimes, timeshare companies will rely on a playbook of proven high-pressure sales tactics that work to persuade consumers who are waffling on whether or not they want to invest in a shared, deeded ownership of a property. If you are trying to figure out how to get out of a timeshare, the Wesley Financial Group is here to help! Since 1989, our founder has worked diligently to help thousands of individuals get rid of their timeshares with a 100-percent success rate.

Many people report feeling “duped” into purchasing a timeshare program, often with unfair sales tactics that can prey on human emotions to make unsound financial decisions. Today, we’ll highlight four common timeshare tactics that we’ve come across in our time. If you have already invested in a property and want to learn how to get rid of a timeshare, be sure to reach out to our experts today!

Informational Ambushes

A common occurrence in our country consists of high-pressure timeshare agents bombarding prospective buyers with a lot of moving pieces. From the moment you check in at the front desk, you are passed around from agent to agent, with each employee providing their own bundle of information. From the receptionist to the presentation expert to the finance specialist, the manager, the customer service rep, and more, you may find yourself wrapped up in a blur of handshakes and chaos. Unfortunately, this heavy-handed approach relies on a high-pressure sales approach that delivers an abundance of vital information, all in rapid succession to try and press you for a quick decision. In many cases, an information ambush can be combined with attractive deals or low-pressure suggestions such as checking your credit score for a no-risk assessment. No matter how fast the action is, it’s important for you and your partner to take a step back and breathe. If you are overwhelmed by the mob of agents coming your way, be sure to take a break and step away!

Pulling Heartstrings

As humans, we are emotional creatures, and timeshare companies often take advantage of this to influence consumers to invest in their properties. Timeshare presentations are often loaded with emotional interviews, videos, and testimonials to tug at your emphatic heartstrings and make the jump into a shared ownership. One basic tactic is to inquire about your family and hobbies. Parents would do anything for their kids, so why not invest in a timeshare to let them enjoy the sun and sand every summer? Have a brother that loves to ski? You can take him to your timeshare property to enjoy all the fresh powder!

Many of us prefer to spend quality time with our loved ones, and timeshare agents are often quick to capitalize on this. If you mention your desire to travel, chances are that your representative will mention this if other approaches aren’t getting through to you. If you are facing a landslide of emotional pressures, take the time to step back and focus on the facts!

Calculating the True Value

In nearly every timeshare presentation, cost is going to be the driving factor behind a successful sale and a couple that is walking out the door. Timeshare companies do provide certain benefits for consumers, and they are sure to point each one out for you. If that skiing condo you and your brother love is too expensive, why not invest in a luxury property that you can visit year after year at a faction of the cost? The benefits will be weighed directly against the price tag, incentivizing you to buy, buy, buy. Unfortunately, timeshares often come with a myriad of hidden maintenance fees, property taxes, inflating prices, and more. Every presentation we’ve seen is not up front about the true costs of owning a timeshare, so be sure to check these figures before you say yes and invest.

Attending a timeshare presentation can be stressful, especially when salesmen and women utilize high-pressure sales tactics to essentially coerce consumers into buying. Next time, we’ll continue to discuss this problem by highlighting a few more common approaches taken by sales reps that you should avoid in order to stay free from this troubling and common problem. If you need help getting out of a timeshare, the Wesley Financial Group can help! For nearly 30 years, our timeshare debt elimination experts have worked to help thousands of individuals get out of their timeshare contracts and regain a life of freedom and happiness. If you are currently dealing with the stress of paying for your own timeshare property, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you!