1. We feel as though a weight has been lifted – Sara Kerbow

    Reese and I are more than grateful to everyone at Wesley Financial Group. Thanks to ya'll we feel as though a weight has been lifted and we can move on without the worry of a troublesome timeshare. We can now focus on purchasing a home. Everyone has been amazing in helping Reese and I with our timeshare nightmare. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.…Read More

    Sara Kerbow
  2. They Really Care and Want to Help People – Dee J.

    HI Britnee! I received your message last week and yes, everything is resolved. I just received my official letter of an cellaring from Wyndham last week. Thank you so much for all of your help. I apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner, I have had a lot going on within the last 2 months. Please find below my testimony that you may share with anyone and feel free to refer me to your othe…Read More

    Dee J.
  3. This Was an Answer to Our Prayers – Ken & Kris D.

    We selected Wesley Financial Group because of the following:  1) Wesley was founded by a former employee of the Timeshare business and saw firsthand how guests were badgered by the salesmen, 2) they have been in business since 1989 and have had MAJOR success in helping people get out of their timeshares, 3) my wife and I had owned our timeshare for since 1990 and had seen the maintenance fees go …Read More

    Ken & Kris D.
  4. You Can Trust WFG – Terrell and Rachel S.

    We had been lied to, mislead, and told we could never get out of our timeshare.  We were told several times that if we added points we would be able to keep our benefits and help pay our loans and fees. Each time we found that the only thing that changed was our debt.  It wasn’t as easy to make money from our timeshare as they alluded.  We thought we were trapped for life and that future memb…Read More

    Terrell and Rachel S.
  5. I Highly Recommend Wesley Financial Group – Roy and Margie L.

    At first If you are still paying for a timeshare and want out of the contract, I highly recommend Wesley Financial Group who will assist you.  There will be paperwork to complete, but Wesley will walk you through the process every step of the way.  They assisted me in saving several thousand dollars that I can now use for other things which are more important to me at the time in my life.  Than…Read More

    Roy and Margie L.
  6. Words Cannot Express our Deepest Gratitude – Chuck & Pat B.

    Dear Wesley Financial, Words cannot express our deepest gratitude to your company for helping us to get our Wyndham Timeshare contract cancelled. We were skeptical at first because we put our trust in another timeshare contract cancellation company and were scammed and lost a lot of money trying desperately to end our timeshare contract. You did not give up on us!  Thank you for your willingness …Read More

    Chuck & Pat B.
  7. Wesley Financial Group is a Real Company with Real People – Lawrence and Sheila M.

    At first we were very skeptical in contacting Wesley Financial Group for help in getting our timeshare cancelled because of all the lies we had been told by the timeshare company.  After our initial consultation with Dan Halliman we felt more at ease in dealing with them.  Wesley Financial Group is a real company with real people willing to stand behind you in dealing with the timeshare company …Read More

    Lawrence and Sheila M.
  8. Your Company Is First Class – Billy and Patricia W.

    Just a note to say thank you so much for your help in getting our timeshare debt canceled. Your company is first class and has done all that was promised. All questions, e-mails and phone calls were answered promptly. It has been a pleasure to work with your company. Sincerely,…Read More

    Billy and Patricia W.
  9. Wesley Financial Group: THANK YOU! – George & Doris W.

    Wesley financial group:  THANK YOU! After purchasing a Wyndham timeshare in 2008 we found that time shares did not meet our needs.  They were not located in places where we wanted to travel.  When we did try to book a timeshare the date we wanted were not available (need to book almost a year in advance).  When we did book a time share we were lured into a sales presentation with the carrot th…Read More

    George & Doris W.
  10. Wesley Saved Me the Money I Still Owed Wyndham

    I wanted out of my Wyndham Timeshare that I still owed over 36,000 on. I was never able to us the timeshare when I wanted it or where I wanted it. The maintenance fees were going up every year 180.00 on 1/1/2016 I don’t pay that much on hoa fees for the whole year in my community. I called Wesley Financial Group to see how they could help. They explained how they work to me over the phone and I …Read More

    Matthew S.