My husband and I were parents of a 3yr old and a 5 month old when we first became timeshare owners with Wyndham at the Destin, FL location. We were told having a vacation timeshare would be a good investment for our family. That we could one day pass it on to our children. Just six months later at an owner’s meeting in Gatlinburg, TN we were told we didn’t own enough points to do much of anything, but if we added more points we could be VIP members for a year and have the ability to vacation wherever we wanted. The meeting dragged by and our children were fussy. I wanted to leave with the children for a while, but we were required to BOTH be present for the entire meeting. It was a horrendous ordeal and we were made to feel ignorant and were told different things at the Gatlinburg, TN location than we were told at the Destin, FL location.
My husband was out of work twice soon after we became timeshare owners. Each time we tried to find a way to get out of our timeshare we were told we should be using it instead of losing our points at the end of the year. Then we were told we could easily sell our timeshare online. We quickly found this was NOT true. Thankfully, someone at Wesley Financial contacted us and were able to help us get out of our timeshare by following their step-by-step instructions. We are so thankful to not have that huge payment leaving our account each month and we’re happy to have good credit again too! Thank you Wesley Financial.

A. & S.Reeves