We love vacations and, unfortunately, the timeshare representatives from Wyndham figured that out and would work on us from that aspect.  We trusted them when we were told that we were investing, when we were told that they would help us, and when we were told that selling would be easy to do with such a strong company.  We have found out that these were all lies to dupe the buyer into buying more and more.

When the economy “tanked”, we found out the “true colors” of Wyndham.  We both lost our jobs and found new ones, but our financial situation suffered.  After three years of dealing with screaming collections that belittled you for not paying on time and being demanded to cash in your 401(k) to pay your bills, we started looking for help.  We even flew out to Myrtle Beach to meet with the representative from Wyndham who promised to help us, three different times within two years.  The outcome?  You guessed it.  He never did show his face again to us, after selling to us and promising to roll the two purchases together, which was the original request to begin with.

Wesley Financial contacted us and with a lot of work on both sides (ours and Wesley’s), we were able to finally find the proper contact within the Wyndham company that allowed us to return the property.  The people at Wesley are real people.  We feel fortunate that the company was willing to stay with us and help us through this difficult time.  We are simply thankful.


Susan and Thomas Kleber