Larry-and-Terry-FrakesWe bought our first timeshare in 1999 at Fairfield in Nashville.  We exchanged it through RCI within a few months, and loved the resort we visited, so after being told we could sell our Fairfield property very easily, we bought the second unit as well.  Thence began our timeshare tale of woe.  Over the years, Fairfield became Wyndham and we kept attending owner updates, under various names, and gradually came to own over a million points (8 weeks, give or take).  We have received calls over the years asking us to file a fraud complaint and we always hung up on them because we didn’t feel defrauded.  However, in 2013 we finally took a call.  It was from Wesley Financial.  After listening to them, we realized that, yes, we had been defrauded.  We felt pretty – what’s the word…. – stupid.  We fell for the shtick time and time again, buying more and more timeshares.  They were really nice, but still, Wesley’s questions about our loan balance and such was the first time we really analyzed our holdings and realized, “Criminy are we ever in debt BIG TIME!”  We wanted to get out of that encumbrance, but skeptical doesn’t begin to describe how hesitant we were to give anybody any more money!  We asked for and received references, and called them all.  I frankly still wasn’t convinced.  Who knew?  Maybe the people on the other end of the phone were sitting at another desk at Wesley, you know?  But we finally took the plunge.  It was not pleasant, it took time, but we followed Wesley’s advice and after a few months, Wyndham offered us a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure and we were out from under over $2,000/month in timeshare debt.  Although they did not promise it, Wesley thought we might get some money back.  We did not.  It took a few months after the deed surrender to get our credit cleaned, but after gently reminding Wyndham, that finally happened as well.  We have since even called our “Wesley man” and asked for other advice and he has complied readily.  We are exceptionally glad that we decided to take the chance on Wesley.


Larry and Terry Frakes,

Madison, AL