My husband John and I were timeshare owners with XXXXXXXXX. We had been mislead and lied to since we became owners many years ago. Any time we had a problem with our ownership, the only solution we were presented with from the developer was to buy more points. That is how we got in the predicament that we were in. We were staring down the barrel of being $50,000 in debt.

We thought that we were just stuck with our timeshare. False! We decided to let Wesley Financial Group help us try to get some resolution. We have been nothing short of amazed at the time and effort that WFG put in to helping us. Although we knew that they had many customers that they were helping, Bryan always made us feel that we were his top priority. After working long and hard and being right there with us in the trenches, Bryan helped us get the exact resolution that we were looking for.

We are in such a better place since WFG has helped us. I can sleep at night now and I don’t constantly have anxiety over a timeshare. Thanks to Wesley Financial, we can now enjoy our vacations and not have it be a point of stress for us.


John and Margaret M.
Lake City, SC