Testimonial-pictureWe live in Elgin, TX, and we fell victim to timeshare fraud and found ourselves with incredible debt and seemingly no way out until we received a call from Wesley Financial Group. At first, we did not want to speak to them or to anyone about the mess we were in. We were so skeptical because we had been cheated by Wyndham Vacation Resorts as well as 2 other rental / resale companies and speaking to anyone about timeshare resolution was the LAST thing we wanted to do. Wesley Financial Group was not pushy but thankfully, their Sr. Account Representative, Brittany Gober, called back to check on us. She was such a professional young lady that truly cared about our situation and her concern touched our hearts and we gave her a chance to explain exactly who Wesley Financial Group was and what they could do for us. On this side of things, we are thrilled that we contracted with Wesley Financial Group! It is such a wonderful company that did exactly what it promised it would do! We had 2 timeshare contracts that were soon cancelled and we will never forget the day that the first cancellation documents came in the mail. We could have jumped over the moon!

Shortly thereafter, the second cancellation document arrived and we were DEBT FREE, just like that! We had been pressured into purchasing almost 2 million points with Wyndham and our debt was incredible. We had committed to more than $98,000 in timeshare debt and that does NOT include the interest we would have paid and the maintenance fees that go on forever. Our children would have inherited that debt and the maintenance fees upon our death. We just didn’t realize all that we had gotten ourselves into, but we knew that the debt was suffocating us and we wanted freedom. We worked with Kimberly Bradford in the Resolution Department during the cancellation process and again, we were blessed to find another Wesley Financial Group employee that truly cared about us and all that we had gone through. We have stayed in touch with Kimberly and recently visited the office in Nashville. We were on vacation in Branson, MO, and decided to traverse to Nashville just to meet these great people that rescued us from the horrors of timeshare fraud. Needless to say, we had the most fantastic visit! Mr. Chuck McDowell met with us personally and introduced us to his fine staff. It was awesome to meet Brittany and Kimberly face to face. It felt like we already knew each other and that we were reuniting with family.

Our experience with Wesley Financial Group has definitely been life changing and we are forever grateful for this amazing resolution company. We highly recommend Wesley Financial Group to anyone that has been lied to about their timeshare contract as we were. Please feel free to give us a call and let us recommend Wesley Financial Group to you.

James and Geneva Davis