What is Wesley Financial Group LLC?

Wesley Financial Group LLC assists timeshare buyers who feel they have been misled or had deceitful sales tactics used against them during the purchase of their timeshare. Additionally, we help those who no longer want their timeshare to transfer their ownership out of their name, in turn removing them from any communication with the timeshare company. Whether you owe on your timeshare or not, Wesley Financial Group LLC can help.

Why Choose Wesley Financial Group LLC?

Wesley Financial Group LLC has a staff that when combined, has the longest history of timeshare advocacy in the business. Chuck McDowell is an onsite owner and makes himself readily available by giving out his personal cell phone to ALL clients. We protect you from timeshare resale companies that have been hit hard by their state’s Attorney General, only looking to make a quick buck. Wesley Financial Group LLC can show actual proof of assisting clients that have gotten cancellations. Most competitors are pressed to only show fake testimonials.

How do I Qualify?

Call us today and speak with one of our associates waiting to assist you. We promise to take the time to discuss your case in detail and will be able to tell you after a brief conversation if you have a strong case. Wesley Financial Group LLC cannot assist every client, but you will only know if you qualify if you pick up the phone and call today.

What is the Process?

The process begins immediately after qualification. Your case analyst will discuss your situation with you in detail. Since every case is different, your personal analyst will need to verify all potential areas of misrepresentation. Then your case analyst will prepare a detailed process that is individual to your resort, date of purchase and areas of misrepresentation.

Why should I trust Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group LLC will show you proven results of past cases. We have a team with the best record of success in the timeshare advocacy business. Wesley Financial Group LLC has been the model for many copycats, but they are unable to show you the proof of success like we do! After reading through our website all your questions should be answered, but if you have questions that are not answered, simply call us at (800) 425-4081

Do you have a proven success rate?

Wesley Financial Group LLC proudly boasts a 100% success rate. There has never been an instance in which we’ve taken on a new client and failed to succeed at our mission. We guarantee we will cancel your timeshare contract.

How can I be sure my case has a good chance of success?

Because cumulatively, our staff has won hundreds of cases. If you need to get out of  your timeshare Wesley Financial Group LLC knows how to work with the timeshare companies and the areas of misrepresentation that have the most success. We will not tell you that your case has a good chance for success if it does not.

I heard your CEO was sued by the biggest timeshare in the world?

He was. For over $5.9 million. And he won. Other companies like to try to frame the lawsuit in a negative light, but we actively embrace it. Our CEO Chuck McDowell fought to keep the right to help timeshare owners cancel their timeshare. Just like we will fight the timeshare company on your behalf. If you’d like to learn more about the lawsuit – check out the video below.