All businesses rely on some type of sale being made. The truth is, regardless of how great your product or service is, a new customer is unlikely to buy from you unless you have won over their trust.  Different industries sell in different ways, so how each company wins over their clientele is going to be slightly different.  Online businesses rely on customer testimonials, logos of media they have been featured on, and product reviews from influencers to build trust.  Some businesses build trust by displaying at trade shows or having representatives in the field so buyers can put a face to the name.  In the timeshare cancellation business, we primarily rely on the telephone to build relationships with new customers, which is arguably the hardest place to build trust, especially since customers have usually been lied to and stolen from by one or more companies before they reach out to us to help them.  Regardless of individual situations, gaining a customer’s trust is many companies’ biggest problem.

Before a client talks to me, almost everything they have been told about their timeshare is a complete lie. Then they have to talk to me and they have to trust me after they have been lied to, that is one of the hardest sales calls to make.  The first thing we tell prospective customers is who we are not. This helps overcome their objections before they even have time to think of them.

After reflecting on several decades working the phones myself and building teams in the timeshare cancellation business, here are my top 5 tips to winning your clients trust:

  1. Credibility – Establish your credibility by working with agencies like the Better Business Bureau (we are the only company with an A rating in our industry). Ask customers you have worked with already for good reviews, and work on getting good press like being on the local news or in newspapers and business journals.  Posting links and images to your BBB rating, customer reviews, and positive media coverage will help customers see that you stand behind your commitments to customer service.
  2. Be Visible – Being in front of your prospects and customers so they can put a face to the name is crucial to building trust as well. Attend live events and tradeshows relevant to your industry.  If traveling to these events is not practical or always possible, having a strong social media presence allows you to put photos and videos of yourself in front of your prospects so they can see you are a real person and not just a voice on the telephone.
  3. Lawsuits – Pursue a judgement against anyone who slanders your brand wrongfully. Depending on the situation this may be costly, but once your competitors see that you are not afraid to pursue justice, they will think twice about slandering your brand wrongfully, which will likely save you reputation and time in the future.  If there is a public dispute involving your company, having the paperwork from the court shows you were not in the wrong.
  4. Be Available – I give clients my cell phone number. The only time I don’t answer my phone is when my wife is talking.
  5. Longevity – This is something that only comes with time. We have been in the business longer than any of our competitors.  Keep your brand consistent, and if you have been in business for more than 5 years delivering a great service, make sure your prospects know that.

The bottom line is, if you are selling right, you do not have to lie.  Building credibility takes time, money and energy, but once you are established, customers will know and trust you before you ever get on the phone with them.  People will always have their doubts when not doing business face to face, but following the points above will help you make your case.

By: Chuck McDowell
Chuck McDowell is the CEO of Wesley Financial Group – a Nationally Top Rated Timeshare Cancellation Company